How I live and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle

Hey loves,

So it’s been a minute, but I’ve been living a healthy and fit lifestyle for a while now.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and for that I am so sorry, so please don’t kill me.  As of late, I’ve been working so hard on working and maintaining my girlish figure, lol.  I actually have been seriously active at home, I was even using the fitplan app at one point, and I just started going back to the gym this week.  I find that doing a HIIT routine really is helping to tone and shape up my legs, and I’m even starting to lose a backroll or two, lol.  Clearly, marriage has done something to me because I’ve gained so much weight since we’ve gotten married, but I like to think of it as happy weight.

Since starting my fitness journey, seriously, here are a few things that I find essential to me maintaining my weight.  I shopped at iHerb for all of my supplements.  The first supplement I’ll mention is  L-Carnitine which is my daily amino acids.  The second supplement is my Dynamatize BCAA’s which is really what I use during workouts and to prevent my muscles from being so sore.  The flavor I have is cherry limeade and it’s actually pretty good.  I use an organic pre-workout called Garden of Life Organic as well.  This I bought from GNC for about $20 this flavor is blackberry and cherry and it actually tastes like a green tea to me and doesn’t give you the jitters.  For my protein I use the RAW Vanilla Organic as a meal replacement usually for breakfast in the morning with unsweetened almond milk, and a banana or even frozen berries.  I use the D3 spray in the morning with my Vitamin B lozenges as well.  These I take together daily to ensure that I have energy and the necessary Vitamin D throughout the day.

As for my gym training and running shoes, I’m using my Nike Training RN 6 that are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn in my entire life.  I used them for running when I was going to the track, and it wasn’t too hot.  For the gym, they are just as comfortable and I’m able to lift weights with them as well.

Overall, I’ve been eating better and I’ve noticed how living healthy and fit requires you to grocery shop way more often.  I would say at least 2-3 times a week because you run out of produce that often.  It may seem like a daunting task at first, but it ends up being worth it in the end.

Here’s to looking and feeling my best!