Get to Know All About Me Tag | Summer’s Beauty World

Hello loves!! So I filmed a Get to Know All About Me Tag for you which is a video I created for all of my new subbies to have a chance to actually know me.  I talk about some things that you may not have known which includes my faith in God and knowing that Jesus Christ died for our sins.  I am a firm believer and a Christian and I want to make sure I get to heaven!!

I also tell you guys about my wedding based on faith, my husband, my kids (I don’t like calling them stepkids).  I also tell you about me getting my doctorate which I think is actually trying to kill me, lol.  The program that I’m in is a lot of work, but I am DETERMINED to finish this program. It may take longer than I expected, but that’s okay because I’m going to push myself even further.  If you’re wondering what lipstick I’m wearing it’s a Wet-N-Wild Lipstick called “Flame of the Game” and it was more orangey on me than anything else, but I loved it.

The goal of this video was just to be chill and have you guys get to know the real and true me, so I hope you enjoy watching the video.  You can always leave your suggestions for new videos in the comments below.